Incandescent Free!

I’ve finally replaced the last incandescent lights in my house.  I’m running a mix of CFL, halogen and LED lights.  The last incandescents in my house were in a pair of lamps that used old school 3-way bulbs.  Changing these out were a real pain because you can’t get 3-way LED bulbs.  Thankfully, table lamps are all made out of pretty standard parts.  The solution was to swap out the 3-way “lamp holder socket” with a “dimmable lamp holder socket“.  This required a wire stripper, a screw driver, and about 10 minutes per light.

I’m going to be getting rid of the CFLs over time, LED bulbs are still more expensive but they look great.

All of the can lights in my house are LEDs made by CREE.  They’re silly expensive, but they look great and dim wonderfully.  I installed them when I did the big remodel so I didn’t really notice the price in the grand scheme of things.

The rest of the LEDs are all Phillips of varying wattage.  These bulbs are the closest to incandescent in color and warmth that I’ve found.

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