Grilling inside

I haven’t posted in a while, we’ve been busy finishing the remodel and moving back in.  We’re still not done with either but we are back in our house which means I’ve been able to start playing with all of my new toys.

On the whole, I’m thrilled and I’ll be talking at length about all of the new gadgets, for now I thought I’d share a video of my range hood and range.

You may remember that I chose a Capital Culinarian as my range and a ModernAire hood for my ventilation.  Even with the investment in ventilation, I wasn’t expecting to be able to cook really greasy foods in doors, from what I had read this is just a limitation in indoor grilling.  But, I figured I’d test it before I gave up.

In order to test if I could grill greasy foods, I needed to find something greasy to cook.  I went to my local supermarket hoping to find something pre-made that would put my setup through its paces.  They didn’t disappoint.  I bought two burgers, a bacon cheddar burger and a blue cheese burger.  That’s right, this is ground beef with cheese and bacon mixed in.  Here’s a video of the range in action:

As you can see, the burgers produce a lot of smoke but the hood doesn’t care.  I even had grease fire flare ups and the hood didn’t care.  I’m extremely pleased with both of these appliances!
The hood is running at max speed (which wasn’t actually necessary, I turned it down later), this also kicked on the makeup air flap.  To replace the air that was pulled out of the house, a flap opened when the hood was on high and air was pulled into the furnace.