I made a closet map

Life has been a bit nuts since the baby has come.  One of the surprises I’ve had to deal with is how quickly we go through clothing sizes.  We’re saving all of the kiddo clothes because we are planning on having another.  This means we need some sort of storage approach for all of the baby clothes as we go through it.

Our approach has been to store it in plastic tubs, organized by size.

Tubs ordered by size.

The closet we’re using to store all of the clothing is underneath our basement stairs.  This means that it’s not going to be fun to pull the clothing out as it’ll be buried behind other stuff and we don’t have line of sight to all of the things in the closet.  The other problem we’ll have is that I’ll have no idea what is where in a few years when we actually need it again.

My solution was to build a closet map.  Using a quickly made sketch of the basement closet and a small piece of Lexan, I created a whiteboard “map” for the closet.

The final product, I’m never going to remember where the maternity clothes are hiding.

The project was easy and cost me about $4.50 in parts.

What you need:

  • Piece of Lexan
  • 4 washers
  • 4 screws
  • Level (you have a level right?)
  • Screw driver 
  • Drill
  • Your map
Lexan is a trade name for polycarbonate, a clear plastic that is extremely strong and durable.  You can find it at Lowe’s or Home Depot and comes with a protective film on both sides.

From here it was pretty straight forward, I added four anchors to the wall (using the level to make sure everything was straight), then used the washers to hold the map and lexan in place.

Anchors installed
Hopefully I’m saving myself a few weeks of searching for the maternity clothes the next time we need them.

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